HRMS Finance and Operations

HRMS Finance and Operations

Contemporary business is absolutely dependent on employee engagement. The HR sector, which has been dubbed the new phrase for human resource management, is currently flourishing in popularity as one of your organization’s most important assets, and it must be handled as a powerful tool.

Managing People in your company directs you to look for the Best and Most Practical tools for controlling all of your employee lifecycle processes, From Hire to Retirement: Payroll, but it may be insufficient. If you don’t use the appropriate tool for this job, it might lead to a lot of manual entries.

With over 100 clients around the world, ExpertsPeople365 is a Payroll Module that has been designed specifically to break down the parameters of Expert People 365 and allow you more flexibility and integration in your D365 F&O platform. The solution is now available as an ISV based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financial and Operations, with real-time financial connections for Gulf (UAE), Kenya, and Yemen, as well as other countries.

Key Features:

  • Employee Self Service Portal
  • Core HR
  • Payroll
  • Power BI – Dashboards
  • Mobile App Enabled
  • Time and Attendance Integration

Employee Self Service Portal

In eXperts People 365, a vast self-service portal is built-in and available to all employees and managers. Employees can now edit their own information in the HR system from their access, such as Attendance, Roasters, leaves, loan applications, and allowance requests.

With this expertise, recruiters can access the same data that CVs contain and use it to reach out to employers for employment opportunities. Recruiters might also update their own information, such as contact information, addresses, and family contacts. All of these operations may be completed without having to contact the HR department. Employees may also view their remaining leave days and print out their payslips.


Human resources streamline many day-to-day recordkeeping chores and automate several HR administration procedures. It also establishes a structure for human resource professionals to oversee areas of responsibility. Employee retention and recruitment, benefits administration, training, performance evaluations, and change management are just a few of the responsibilities.

Features Includes:

Organization Structure: Define your organization structure and the relationship between the departments, locations, and positions.

Position Control: Defining the roles and responsibilities for each position in the company.

Workflow Automation: Setting up workflows for the different HR processes like leave requests, loan applications, etc.

Recruitment Management: Managing the end-to-end recruitment process.

Performance Appraisals: Managing the performance appraisal process.

Course management and Talent Development and Acquisition: Managing the training process and talent development.

Succession Planning: Planning for the succession of employees in various roles.

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about the Core HR features and capabilities.


People 365 from eXperts helps you build a comprehensive Payroll System that includes benefits and deductions rules as well as employee types (local or ex-pat) and bonus distribution methods based on grades and reviews.

eXperts People 365 also provides End of service calculations for locals and ex-pats, along with Insurance for employees and family based on the grade.

Manage employee advancements/loan management according to a pre-arranged timetable for deductions through manual variable allowances and deductions in the pay run.

Payroll Processors rely on a payslip, Pay sheet, Payroll comparison report, Sif file, bank reports, EOS reports, and other payroll documents to create a variety of document types for the most-used reports such as payslip, Pay sheet, and Payroll comparison report.


Advance/Loan requests, Employee Contracts, Leave applications/resumption, and End of Service are among the many activities shown in Payroll Management’s extensive workflows.

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“Connect the dots between data and decision-making.”

  • Create engaging data experiences
  • With confidence, make judgments.
  • Optimize your business intelligence with reliable Microsoft tools.

The deeper data will allow you to make the best judgments and obtain further insights into your business ecosystem.


You may integrate People 365 with any biometric device to retrieve workers’ attendance from various places, which supports the cost allocation across different work locations.

The working hours and leaves information is used in the payroll process and also in the calculation of End of service benefits. The integration between People 365 and the attendance devices results in fewer errors and more efficiency as the data is transferred directly into People 365 without any manual intervention.

The Time and Attendance module enable you to integrate your HR system with all aspects of employee leave, absence, and overtime and even captures missing entries before notifying the HR team about the missing records.

All of the calculations are handled by the T&A module, which is set up in a customizable manner to meet your company’s rules and laws.