HRMS Business Central

HRMS Business Central

HRMS Business Central gives you a complete insight into your employees while still staying compliant with changing tax and labor laws. As a result, we established our HR software vertical in UAE and the GCC.

eXperts People 365 completing the full image of ERP, Raising your Business Central platform to the maximum level of Flexibility and Integration. Business Gulf Experts, with over 100 clients internationally, has developed a Parametrized Payroll Module based on years of experience. The opportunity is an ISV based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central that offers real-time financial connections for KSA and the Gulf nations, as well as a host of other features.

People 365 for Business Central is hosted on Microsoft’s cloud, so HR managers can use the program from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, including a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Employees may also access the Employee Self Service system using a Single Sign In option.


1) Employee Self Service Portal

2) Core HR

3) Payroll

4) Power BI – Dashboards

5) Mobile App Enabled

6) Time and Attendance Integration

Why eXperts People Business Central Payroll?

  • Maintain employee master data,
  • Get Alerts for Out-of-Service Numbers.
  • Leave salary, leave Encashment, and sick leave regulations should all be calculated using the slab method.
  • Benefits can be modified in accordance with the UAE Labor Law and depending on corporate policies.
  • Benefits include, among other things, airline tickets, a pension, social security benefits, and insurance premiums.
  • The payment type of the loan should be selected, and then the amount and date must be entered.
  • A fixed Gratuity Setup, which calculates Gratuity accruals and EOS settlements.
  • Salary Analyses based on Department may be customized, which would make the Finance team’s job of analyzing how salaries are submitted to each Department easier.
  • User-friendly processes for processing salaries, submitting them, generating a payroll voucher, and exporting the SIF file are all included.
  • To combine the COA and Pay Codes, simply map them to fulfill the seamless integration with the GL module.
  • A number of required reports, including Salary Sheet, Comparison of Salaries, Payslip, Bank statements, and other financial documents.
  • The solution is incredibly user-friendly and allows users to validate and analyze data in a variety of formats, including Excel, PDF, and MS Word.
  • The payee’s name, address, and tax ID are easy for the HR team to maintain.
  • The availability of several requests in the ESS, such as Leave Request, Leave Resumption, Leave Encashment, and Flight ticket Request, HR Letter’s request, and Flight Ticket Encashment.
  • The ability to access Payslip from the Employee Self Service website.

Main Benefits of implementing Experts People 365:


You can have any type of integration with eXpert’s People for payroll through eXpert. Leaves, absences, time off over time and even sick days are all recorded in time and attendance. With numerous calculations and integration, eXperts People 365 for Business central payroll can help you to provide precise time and attendance.

  • Time and attendance monitoring in real-time
  • Integration flexibility
  • Overtime, permission request, Leave & absence tracked
  • Short hours are tracked
  • Mobile integration flexibility


You can produce money for employees in a variety of ways thanks to People 365 for Business Central payroll. You may generate income for salaried jobs, those that have a schedule, and other recurring earnings, as well as premium earnings.

People 365 for Business Central payroll from Expertones Experts helps you set up a comprehensive Payroll System that includes Benefits and Deductions Rules and Assignments, as well as a Bonus Distribution Process based on grades and reviews.

eXperts People 365 for Business Central also offers End of Service calculations for locals and ex-pats, as well as insurance for employees and families based on the degree.


Loan management is another one of the functionalities in eXperts People 365 for Business Central, which may assist you with tracking loan advances as well as keeping track of loans taken by employees.

Helps in tracking the loans: The number of loans for a single employee might be tracked. Multiple loans for one individual may be applied, with validations tailored to fit the needs of the situation. Loan payments (installments) are automatically processed through payroll each pay period after the end of business hours. All of this information is collected through a comprehensive monitoring system. Employees’ actions are also recorded and processed. An option to make payments via payroll or cheque


eXperts People 365 for Business Central payroll End of service calculation is accomplished with a single click “Calculate EOS” on this system, which brings up all of the EOS calculations in one place and allows you to submit your EOS calculation for each Employee.

  • End of service Form to show final settlement.
  • Auto-recover for the compensated advantages and pending loan installments.
  • Allows all open leaves in one form to be used during the Leave encashment process.
  • Gratuity and employee and employer contributions included

To learn more about our Business Central HRMS and Payroll ISV solution, contact us; one of our HRMS Consultation experts will contact you.

  • Suitable for small to medium businesses.
  • Centralized Payroll.
  • Single Sign-in Option for Embedded Employee Self Service


With People 365 for Business Central payroll, you get the Power BI functionality with multiple dashboards for monitoring your company and seeing all of your critical metrics at a glance. Simply by entering a few keywords, you will be able to access information for a manager or an analyst. Each user may customize the findings based on their specific needs and capabilities associated with their job role.



People 365 for Business Central payroll’s landing page is a touch point where all essential information regarding an organization, business, or other entity may be found. The landing page is built in such a way that HR considerations are taken into account. HR may simply go over the eXpert’s People 365 for Business Central payroll landing page for all of the information.

The payroll landing page consists of:

  • Active Employee
  • Past Employee
  • Future employees (who are going to on-board)
  • Document expiry
  • Contract expiry
  • Pending approval entries
  • Pending leave task
  • Pending Flight ticket request


All employee records are handled by the whole-of-company Human Resources function. It also serves as a framework for human resources professionals to administer areas of responsibility. These functions include recruitment and retention, benefits administration, training, performance evaluations, and change management.

Some of the features are:

  • Recruiting management
  • Talent Development
  • Self-service portal for employees
  • Loan management
  • Time and Attendance
  • End of Service


The Employee Self Service portal is a useful and simple tool for internal communication updates and improvement. The portal adds value to an organization’s employees by allowing them to access information more quickly. HR is more efficient through accessibilities actions and information reaching the Employee directly, rather than requiring human resources managers to take actions.

You may use Peoples 365 for Business Central payroll to access several requests for the Employee that can link HR and Employee.

We’ve got more than seven tiles in which the Employee can submit a request through the employee portal, which will be handled by a Workflow that allows you to pick the approval of the manager who is responsible for it.